What does it mean to be ‘outside’ architecture? Are there advantages?  Are there advantages in art’s non-functionality?  Can things be seen and said from a vantage point on the outside that might be overlooked or may not be possible from within, where function constrains?  What does building and construction mean when literal building and designing processes do not pertain?

Space is never stable, neither are structures.  Layers of unintended potentiality emerge over time and use. This is also architecture but outside its discipline.

OUTSIDE ARCHITECTURE is an artist-led collaborative group, founded by Tim Renshaw, Bernice Donszelmann and Mary Maclean.  In 2017 we were joined by Helen Robertson and in 2020 by Jo McGonigal. The group takes its name from the inaugural exhibition Outside Architecture – a collaborative work produced for the Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London in 2009.

RECENT PROJECTS: Architectures in Air, Brixton Library (2023), Come and go. Halt extreme left. The Winchester Gallery (2019), Drift, Thames-Side Studios Gallery, London (2019) Plan Unplan, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London (2017); Incandescent, Grande Square, Greenwich Royal Naval College (2017); SHED, Naming Rights, London (2016); DESCRIPTOR, Bernice Donszelmann, Five Years, London (2015); One and One and One Part II, K3 Project Space, Zurich (2012); One and One and One Part I, Cafe Gallery Projects, London (2012); Left of Place, Mary Maclean, Five Years, London (2012); House in the Shape of a Stretcher, Tim Renshaw, Five Years, London (2011);  Interior Life, Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury (2010); Architectural Fictions, Bracknell Galleries, Berkshire (2010) and Outside Architecture, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London (2009).