One and One and One, Part I

26.09.12 – 28.10.12

One and One and One 6 (left: Ruth Proctor; right: Louisa Minkin and Francis Summers

Amikam Toren,  Bernice Donszelmann,  Louisa Minkin and Francis Summers,  Mary Maclean,   Richard Healy, Ruth Proctor,  Sally Morfill,  Tim Renshaw,  Yonatan Vinitsky

One and One and One is a group exhibition in two parts: One and One and One, CGP Gallery, London, Sept-Oct, 2012 and One and One and One, Part II in K3 Projects, Zurich, 2012.  The exhibitions explore the idea of the incomplete as manifested in the imagined and real spaces of architecture.

Constructed space… is more than simply the concrete and material substance of constructed structures, the permanence of elements and the architectonics of urbanistic details.  It also exists as the sudden proliferation and the incessant multiplication of special efforts which, along with the consciousness of time and of distances, affect the perception of the environment. (Paul Virilio, 1984, Negative Horizon)

The force of incompletion allows for different circuits to operate – where openendedness, distraction and the peripheral imagination come into play and where ‘margins can touch, overlap and rub up against each other’ (Verwoert, 2007).  The incomplete proposes a space that is begun and worked upon while at the same time acting within its own history.

The participating artists explore the transient qualities of spatial occupation through works that expose a process of production that might suggest versions in transition towards further manifestations.  The work is released from a point of conclusion, offering a concept of space that is not static.

Taking this sense of fragmentary space and discontinuities as a mode of address, the exhibition evokes the contingent and provisional not so much as unfinished business but as an arena where conversations intersect and are hybridized.

Conversing on the Incomplete with speakers Ian Hunt, David Ryan, Ciara Healy took place on 21st October at CGP.

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