Plan Un-plan 15.07.09 – 09.09.17

PlanUnplan 9

Matt Calderwood,  Henry Coleman,  Bernice Donszelmann,                Clare Goodwin,  Lucy Gunning,  Vanessa Jackson,  Frank Kent,          Mary Maclean,  Tim Renshaw,  Helen Robertson

The Stephen Lawrence Gallery

From a social perspective an architecture (in the broadest sense of the word) that does not possess the potential to ‘un-plan’ itself will be experienced as static and predictable; and alternatively, spaces that do deviate from a plan carry the potential to have productive effects on experience, stimulating new forms of sensing relations in space.

Each work in this exhibition possesses its own internal and organised rigour. How these organized system may come to change or transform is the subject of the exhibition. Thus, the exhibition itself is conceived as an experiment in the sense that the activation of the ‘unplanned’ is contingent on a kind of choreographing between the individual parts.

Planning and the avoidance of the unpredictable clearly matter in our shared environment and in many other areas of day to day life. An artwork that carries the potential to produce something in excess of a plan won’t mitigate the need or necessity for order but it might de-position the hold of structured determination in all areas of life.

Incandescent: a performance by Bernice Donszelmann, Lucy Gunning and Helen Robertson  22.07.17  Full information here


PlanUnplan 8back wall: left Vanessa Jackson  Pitch-up 2017, right Tim Renshaw, Book Column Wall 2017, foreground Frank Kent


PlanUnplan 10left: Mary Maclean Campus #6 2017, right: Matt Calderwood Six Sculptures, 2012


calderwood six sculptures 2 copyMatt Calderwood, Six Scuptures, 2012


Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 23.36.08 copyHelen Robertson how do you want to live 2017


PlanUnplan 3Clare Goodwin


PlanUnplan 4Clare Goodwin


PlanUnplan 5Tim Renshaw, Notebook Landscape 2017


PlanUnplan 6

Tim Renshaw, Notebook Landscape 2017